Unfinished Story

Her favorite meal did not taste that good today. The chicken breast was too dry, the veggies was overcooked. She didn’t finish it. The coke was not that bubbly. Not to mention that her contact lenses made her vision blurry instead of the opposite. Everything seemed wrong, so she took a walk. She wanted to find a good cup of latte to fix her day.

She stopped suddenly as a car approaching really fast while she was trying to cross the street. She sighed heavily. I miss a few good people. So she looked around and found three little birds chirping on two big branches. She is looking at the birds moving here and there, as if they are singing a happy song and dancing to it. She smiles. That didn’t hurt and it felt actually quite nice. To smile.

So she continued to walk forward and found a light-brown decorated coffee shop with a minimalist sign hanging in front of it with ‘Coffeebility’ written on it. She stepped in and immediately smell coffee and this warm bread-baking aroma. Her cheeks turned red because in contrary to the weather outside, it’s really warm inside. She waited in a long line and later found out that that warm delicious and friendly smell was coming from the waffle.

Her mind wandered and suddenly her chest felt so heavy. Recalling the memory of what just happened earlier that day was not a good idea. Not that she intended to do it, but it just happened, she caught off guard and it broke her again for the fifth time today. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. 

Suddenly her eyes catch a couple arguing in one corner of the room. They subtly argue with each other emotionally. But then they stopped talking and now they stare at each other quietly. The girl’s eyes welled up and while she was about to cry the man stood up and hugged her and kissed her on her forehead. She broke into tears.

It was an odd scene in a coffee shop but not everybody noticed somehow. The place was so crowded and loud, but yet it felt quiet. As if she was watching a silence movie. She was observing everything.